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Love of our people, love of our country and love of the Galilee


The speech of the Head of Dona Gracia society.

The Dona Gracia Society was born from love.

Dona Gracia's love vision and heritage was special and unique, one woman of a time that taught us all what is the essence and highlight elements of loving your country's heritage and language
Dona Gracia loved the Galilee in a special way.

Dona Gracia became the spiritual leader and the mother of the Zionism movement for hundreds of years until the establishment of the Israel state.

Our non-profit organization named after Dona Gracia, commemorated her in our Museum Hotel and a Festival in honor and memorial of her name and her doing, vision and heritage. Our legacy includes building a center for cultivating leadership and women empowerment, and center for the heritage of the Sephardic Jews and the language of Ladino.

Dona Gracia's magic did not dissipate even after five hundreds years. The goal of the society is to preserve and follow the image of the face and activities of the Lady for our future generations and bring Dona Gracia's integrity and values to love and cherish our country, the Sea of Galilee and heritage of the exiled Jews from Spain.
This is our mission; these are our role and object.

As Dona Gracia Nasi's delegates, we will care for Dona Gracia's heritage here in Tiberius in the place where she dreamt of establishing a Jewish State 450 years ago. Yes, in 1564.

We are fortunate to have the means to reveal and tell and expose who was Dona Gracia and what was her legacy and prophecy.

Best wishes

Yacov Amsalem