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Dona Gracia's Medal


Dona Gracia's Medal

500 hundred years for the birth of Dona Gracia
State medal 2010

Dona Gracia Mendes-Nasi or in her Jewish name Hanna Nasi, came from a Marannos family in the year of 1510 in Lisbon Portugal.
When she became a widow in her forties she became the richest woman in the world. She owned navy ships and was the sole owner of the Mendes Bank, which was the second largest bank in the world of that time. Her involvement was prominent in all the banks movement, and in all the international economy and commerce movement of the time and had influence and connections among the kings, barons, counts and earl.

Dona Gracia dedicated her life, the good connections she had with prominent leaders of the era and her enormous wealth to save her brothers the Marannos from the Inquisition.
With courage and bravery she return to practice her beliefs and live according to the Jewish customs she swept all her family to do it as well and in doing so she became a symbol and a model to other Marannos.
By doing so she received great respect and was valued with high esteem among her fellow Jews.
To make the journey back to Judaism Dona Gracia ordered and financed the printing of the first Ladino Bible in the world- Ferrara Bible. In gratitude for her doing, the printing community dedicated the Bible to the "SENIORA' and gave her the first copy in the year of 1553.

Being an independent Jewish she worked tirelessness with the approval of the Turkish Sultan Suleiman the Great for all the Marannos and the Jewish communities around the world.
She supported the great Jewish scholars, among them Rabi Joseph Karo the author of the "The Shulchan Aruch" the Jewish code of Laws. Rabi Moshe Terani and many other wise men and scholars have stayed in her house.
In the peak of her life Dona Gracia outdid herself and initiated building Autonomy for the Jews in the land of Israel.
Dona Gracia succeeded in receiving the Sultan's permission and with his encouragement she started to build Tiberius with the hope to restore the city to his glorious time of the Sanhedrim and the famous time of the past Israel's presidents.
Her dream was to transform Tiberius to be the National Home for the persecuted Jews. She originated and vision the Prophecy of returning to Zion more thank 350 years before the first Zionist Congress.

Ten Years ago in Tiberius, in Dona Gracia's city the Museum hotel "The House of Dona Gracia" was founded and raised to be a monument for the eternal fame for the woman leader Dona Gracia Nasi.
In November 2010, the "Dona Gracia's festival for Jewish folklore and culture of Spain and the Diaspora" took place for the first time.
For that occasion a Medallion was issued to memorize the 500 years for Dona Gracia's birthday in honor of the Seniora for the heritage and glory of Israel.

The face of the medal

The image of Dona Gracia looking toward Tiberius, Sea of Galilee and the Golan Height, represent Dona Gracia's determination to build a better future for the Jewish people. The Ferrera's Bible, The Tiberius's wall which called Dona Gracia's wall because it was build again on Dona Gracia's orders for the length of 1500 Meter and was inaugurated in 1568. Beside the wall there is a Palm tree which is typical to the surrounding area near the Sea of Galilee. The Seal of the Sultan Suleiman the Great from which Dona Gracia bought the concession of Tiberius and vicinities. The ship characterize the many ships of Dona Gracia that moved in all the seas from the Americas and India. The letters on the sail: the letter P for Portugal, Dona Gracia's birth land, and the letter A for the city of Antwerp, where Dona Gracia moved to with the beginning of the Inquisition in Portugal.

The Back of the Medal:

The decorated door at the entrance to the Museum Hotel "The House of Dona Gracia", that was imported in special order from Istanbul. The door reminds the gate to the Dona Gracia's Palace in Istanbul. A sentence that symbolize the decision of the Dona Gracia's association to empower and encourage women leadership in the House of Dona Gracia.

The length of Dona Gracia's life 1510 – 1569,
The State symbol
The metal content and serial number.
By Michel Hmauie


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