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Italy and Istanbul – Turkey


 Day 1 – Israel – Italy

The first step towards...

We will fly from Tel-Aviv and arrive in Venice, the city that sits on the water. A naval empire, an international commerce city, a heaven for merchants and spies from across the world, the city of all the languages and accents, a city that is lively and full of color. This is where Dona Gracia chose to live in a castle in the 16th Century.

We will visit the famous San Marco Square, the residence and castle of the Doja (duke) of Venice and we will sail through the large tunnel – Grand Canal and we will view the special structures, which are sitting on the water from San Marco Square till Piacella Roma.

Day 2 – Bonjourno Venice

We will awaken in Venice, the city whose streets are water tunnels. There are no honking cars or crossroads. We will here things about the heritage of Dona Gracia in Venice and about the Jews in the 16th Century! We will tour the Jewish ghetto, in the synagogues and in the museum within it and we will also visit the island of the Jews. The evening is free.

Day 3 – Venice – Glass and Costumes

After the morning lecture, we will sail to the Moreno Island where they create the famous Venetian glass in the world or to the Lace-work Island. From there we will visit the mask factory, the famous symbol of Venice that are found everywhere, and we will hear about the heritage of the special Venetian masks.

Day 4 – From Venice to Romeo and Juliet’s Verona

We will wave goodbye to the city of masks and the water tunnels, the city that impressed Dona Gracia above all and we will go to Mantoba – the city whose Jews have a unique story from the 16th Century. From there we will continue to Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet, the couple whose steamy love ended in tragedy, the romantic story of all times. We will visit the Opera of Verona (in accordance with the weather). We will sleep in Verona.

Day 5 – Julia’s Morona through Ferrara towards Florence, the City of Flowers!

We will say farewell to Romeo and Juliet and we will move on towards Ferrara, the temporary home of Dona Gracia where she fled from fear of the Inquisition in Venice. Here in Ferrara is where the medallion with the picture of Dona Gracia drowned and here is where the first Hebrew Bible was printed in Ladino, referred to as “The Ferrara Bible”! From there we will drive southward within the amazingly beautiful changing view to Florence.

Welcome to you, Benvenatti Florence, which is the city where the Renaissance was born, from the stronghold of Michelangelo and Leonardo De Vinci, the breathtaking city filled with its artistic and cultural treasury!

We will have an introduction tour towards the heart of the beautiful ancient city Florence.

Day 6 – Good Morning, Bon Journo – Florence!

Good Morning, Bon Journo Florence of beauty, splendor, architecture and art. We will travel from the Duomo Square, the campaniala and the gates of heaven towards the Senioria Square where the King David sculpted, the Gallery of Opitzi, towards the Bridge of Ponta Vecui.

The visit in the unique synagogue, which is one of a kind in the world, whose structure is similar to a church structure, it will connect us to the place of Florence in the Jewish heritage, the one who fled from Spain and Portugal. For desert we will climb by car to Michaelangelo Mountain from where we can view the amazing city and identify it’s central sites, which we toured.

Day 7 – Tuscana

Tuscana is famous for its art of food, the kitchen and its aromas that turn every event and tour there into an experience.


The area with green hills, which is located between Firencia and Siena is called Chianti. Today it is considered one of the world experiences in traveling and relaxing. This whole enormous area is full of grape vines for winemaking and wineries in ancient fortresses. We will tour one of the fortresses, we will fill our lungs with the addictive smell, we will look at the amazing view, we’ll taste, drink, perfume ourselves and “get drunk” in this memorable experience.


We will arrive in Sienna, which is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, surrounded by walls that are amazingly built! It’s beautiful alleys remained intact from the Middle Ages till today. In the center of the unique city there is a wonderful square that you won’t forget – “Piazza del Campo”! Around it the alleys are full of stores, which pull you in with their charm to come inside them and turn the city into a type of artistic center.

Since the significant and prosperous Jewish community that was established in 1571, today there remains a single modest synagogue by the Piazza del Campo and no more the ten Jews in the entire city. We will come back and sleep in Florence, tired but satisfied.

Day 8 – Marchaba, Welcome to Istanbul

We will go to our next destination – El Kushta, the capital of the Sultan and today can be reached on a direct or indirect flight. Istanbul, the capital of the Turkish Empire and the magnificent Sultan, Dona Gracia’s City of Hope.

As a queen with a chariots and accompaniment of 40 armed cavaliers while all the household, dozens of servants everyone dressed with elaborate clothing, Dona Gracia entered Istanbul on her way from Italy, the land without a Pope and the Inquisition of the Christian Church, to Turkey the land of freedom which belongs to the enlightened Sultan first and foremost in the Islam!

We will join together for an introductory lecture on Dona Gracia, and we will conduct a walking tour in our nearby surroundings!

Day 9 – Gule gule Bon Voyage

We will visit in the castle of the Sultan in Top-Kapi, we will enter the mysterious castle and rejoice in the coffee house that is above the cliff that overlooks the Marmara Sea and the Bosforus isthmus. We will continue towards the mosques – Aya Sofia and the blue mosque, that are known around the world. In the evening – after a rest and lecture we will leave to go to the food area called Kum-Kapi that is special in its colorfulness, the aroma of the food and the sounds of the music!

Day 10 – A Day Full of Color

After the morning lecture we will visit the wonderful castle “Dolma Bachze”. We will tour in Galta, the area where the Jews used to live, we will shop in the Egyptian market, which is the spice market and also in the indoor market which is called the Big Bazaar! You will not believe your eyes!!!

The evening will be free for every type of entertainment – Turkish hamam, a walking tour in the ancient city Kom Kapi and more!

Day 11 – An enjoyable day of sailing

We will celebrate the end of the journey by sailing to the islands of Princes or to the isthmus of the Bosforus! Here in this city of hope, Dona Gracia ended her life without accomplishing her plans and dreams to build Tiberias, Israel as a shelter for her Jewish brothers!

 Here we part from Dona Gracia and we end the journey of following in her footsteps... In the evening we will leave Istanbul and return home to Israel




Portugal, Spain, Antwerp and Amsterdam  
  Day 1 – Tel-Aviv – Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon – the city of “Dona Gracia”.
The tour will be conducted today in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. We will travel in the alleys of the Jewish neighborhood in the ancient Alpama quarter. We will go up to the San George fortress and look over the entire city. We will tour the Russio Square, where the Inquisition and the Ottodapa were active. We will travel in the Belam quarter and see the Belam Tower, which was established 450 years ago and the monument for the discoverers. From there we will go out and visit the rest towns Ashtoril Kashkaish and Sintera. We will pass through the westernmost point of the European continent Cabo-de-Rocca. We will enjoy a “Paddo” evening, which includes soulful Portugese songs. We will sleep in Lisbon
Day 2 – From Lisbon to Coimbera
Marannos in the shadow of the cross
From Lisbon we will drive among typical Portugese views, we will cross the Tajo River over to Tomer to visit in the ancient synagogue, which survived even before the banishment. From there we will continue to Castello de Vida, we will tour the Jewish quarter, the synagogue and we will meet Marannos. At the end of the tour in Portugal we will visit the large center for Marannos in Belmonte, a picturesque and beautiful town. We will visit a synagogue and meet with Marannos who are returning today to Judaism. We will put our minds towards the city, Coimbera – the ancient and impressive University City and will listen to Zuza de Silva – a playwright from the children of the Marannos whose plays are performed till today. In the evening – we will view a movie on “Children of the Marannos today in Portugal who are trying to return to Judaism”. We will sleep in Coymbera.
Day 3 – From Portugal to Spain, from Salamanca to Madrid
From Coymbera in Portugal, we will cross the Spanish border and drive in the direction of the city Salamanca, where the ancient Spanish University is found and one of the most beautiful squares in Spain. We will listen to a Jewish lecturer from the University, Moshe de Leone, who discovered the Zohar and translated the Bible. From there we will cross Oiela, the city that is surrounded by a wall and is the city that de Leone came from, to the direction of the city Sagovia, a city where the Romans built the tallest and most impressive aqueduct in the world. We will visit the Jewish quarter and the synagogue where the Temple court for women remained. On our way to Madrid we will visit a castle that belongs to Phillip II el Escorial. We will sleep in Madrid.
Day 4 – The Art of Prado and Plaza Mayore, Mystics and Coffee Houses 
In the morning we will tour the impressive city of Madrid, the capital of Spain with all of its various quarters. We will visit the royal castle, which hosted the opening ceremony for the Spanish Council in 1992. We will visit the “Prado” Museum, which displays the best artists in Spain like Valeksis, El Greco, Goya and others. The afternoon is free. In the evening – we will visit the synagogue and Jewish community. Dinner will be festive inside the community. In the evening we will tour the large square Plaza Mayore, which holds branches of cultural activity, artists, sketch artists and coffee houses with music.
Day 5 – From Jerusalem in Spain to Cordova
In the morning we will go southward towards the ancient capital of Spain – Tolado, which was awarded the title of “Spain’s Jerusalem”. We will visit the Jewish synagogues – El Transito and Santa Maria de la Blanca. We will view the beautiful and impressive city, which maintains its unique character for over 500 years – after the expulsion of Spain. From Tolado we will drive southwards through Hevel Lemenasha and we shall see the windmills, where Don Quixote of Miguel Servante fought. Towards the evening we will arrive in Cordova, the birth city of the Rambam, who is buried in Tiberias, and also Rabbi Yehuda Levy. We will sleep in Cordova.
Day 6 – From the Mystics in Cordova to El Hambra in Grenada
In the morning we will visit the mystics – the huge and famous Mori mosque and we will continue to tour the beautiful alleys and the drawings of Cordova through Tiberias Square, where the sculpture of the Rambam is found and the Rabbi Yehuda Levy Square. We will visit the synagogue, which survived the period of the Golden Queue in Spain. From Cordova we will drive to Grenada – “The Pomegranate of Spain”, the national capital of the Moaris, who are currently at the foot of the Sierra Mountains in Nevada, United States. We will tour the Jewish quarter and in the beautiful alleys full of bazaars. In the evening – we will tour the Jewish quarter and view the Alhambra Castle, which is amazingly beautiful. We will then visit the peasant’s caves and we’ll see authentic folklore performances of flamenco dancing.
Day 7 – Savilia, the city of “Carmen”, “The Barber from Savilia” and the Flamenco
In the morning we will go on a guided tour in the Alhambra Castle. Among other things we will visit the astounding Ambassador Hall, where the Catholic kings signed the expulsion decree. Don Itzhak Aberbanel acted here to cancel the severity of the decree, from which they sent Columbus to discover the world. We will visit the district of the “Lions” Yard, The “Citrus” Yard and we will end the tour in an amazing garden, “The Harnalifa”, the summer residence of the Sultans. From Grenada we will drive to Savilia, the capital of the Andolisa District that lies on the banks of the large river “Guadelahabir”. Savilia became famous for its bridges, castles, it’s large cathedral and especially in the flamenco performances and famous operas like “The Barber from Savilia” and “Carmen”. We will visit the amazing Spanish Square, which was built especially for the Hebrewarikai exhibition in 1929. At night – we will sail in the “Guadalakabir River” and we will see the special gates and Savilia sparkling at night.
Day 8 – From Spain to Brussels, from the Gold Queue to the of the World Merchant Center
In the morning we will conduct a guided tour in the Alkazar Castle in the Jewish quarter – Santa Cruz. In the large and impressive cathedral and in the Bell Tower named “The Hicherelda”. We will then fly from Savilia to Brussels. 
Day 9 – The City of Antwerp of the Jewish Mendes Family
From Brussels we will drive to the World Center of Activity and Commerce in Antwerp of the Mendes Family and Dona Gracia. Thereafter we will visit the Jewish community and the synagogues. There will be a lecture at night regarding the activities of Dona Gracia and her family in Antwerp.
Day 10 – The Portugese Synagogue and The Anna Frank House in Amsterdam
We will drive to Amsterdam and visit the Portugese Synagogue and the Jewish Museum. We will take a municipal tour in Amsterdam – the Dam Square, the kingdom castle and the House of Anna Frank.
Day 11 – The Voyage after Dona Gracia was completed.
We return to the homeland.
We will fly from Amsterdam to Tel-Aviv. In accordance with the flight time, we will arrive at the completion of the visit and spend some free time in Amsterdam