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Empowering women's leadership


 Dona Gracia, richest woman in the world of the 16th century was not only a world encompassing business woman with widespread international connections, but mainly a noble and enterprising national leader, and actually the greatest leader of the Jewish people since the destruction of the Second temple – a woman leader who, with her great wisdom saved a large part of the Jewish people from the terrible disaster of the expulsion from Spain and Portugal.

Because of this and because history, historians and writers of the history of people belittled her greatness and banned her and her actions on behalf of the Jewish people, mainly because she was a woman.

We, "Casa Dona Gracia", are here to claim her honor and decided to extol the greatness of her leadership for the glory of the Jewish people and all of humanity by establishing an international center for cultivation and empowerment of women's leadership.

The day will soon come when every young or adult Jew will know who Dona Gracia is and what she did for the Jewish People after the expulsion from Spain.