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 Dona Gracia

Who was Dona Gracia? 

Dona Gracia (nee Beatrice De Luna, or Hana Nasi in Hebrew) was the daughter of a Jewish family of "Conversos". By her thirties she grew to be a significant merchant, in fact, the richest woman in the 16th century world. As wealthy as she was, so were her deeds filled with generosity, as she dedicated herself to saving her expelled and persecuted brethren. With the blessing of the Turkish Sultan, Dona Gracia promoted and worked for the establishment of a Jewish state in Tiberias and environs. She built the walls of Tiberias, but her sudden death at the age of 59 brought an end to her remarkable Zionist initiative. For the occasion of her 500 anniversary, we are creating a new tradition: An Annual festival in her memory .



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The Dona Gracia Festival in Tiberias
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